Saturday, August 23, 2008

Screaming Queens Walk The Runway

This week's Project Runway features some of Screaming Queens' brightest stars: Sweetie, Sherry Vine, Acid Betty, Hedda Lettuce, and Miss Understood.

Hedda Lettuce
clashed with Suede over his awkward design.

turned Sweetie into a gorgeous fire goddess!

whipped up a fantasy frock for Miss Understood that looked great but lacked proper construction and began to collapse. Hey, these guys had to whip up glamorous garments overnight, give 'em a break!

Korto's Asiapunk concoction for Acid Betty was a brilliant. Poor Betty was distraught when she discovered that we don't get to keep the outfits.

Bringing home the medal was Screaming Queens Alum Varla Jean Merman in Joe's sequin Pepto-pink bell bottom sailor suit! Just so ya' know, this was 50/50 collaboration. Varla used her knowledge of classic film wardrobe to conceive of the dress and Joe executed it perfectly.

Read all about it:

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All aboard!

Pterodactyl from
Gay Jurassic Park!

Acid Geisha

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