Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank you Marc Jacobs, I can Die Now.

Every year Marc Jacobs throws the most amazing holiday costume ball in the world. This year's Venetion Masked Ball was probably the most over the top bash ever. The sixty sexy male and female gogo dancers were barely wearing anything, but what they were wearing was exquisitly designed by Antigravity's Shelly Bomb. It was as if the original 60's Enterprise had landed on a Venetian planet!

My ladies and fops (all 18 0f them!) had such big firm cages under their dresses they could have lined up and formed a fort to protect Gotham Hall from an invasion.

Epiphany looks pretty!

Miss Understood looks hungry!

Demi Tasse looks Regal!

Jeff and Poison Eve Make dandy dandies!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Welcome to the Grand Hyatt Shanghai!
Okay, I'm half lying. It was the Grand Hyatt but it felt like Shanghai.
Last night we helped create
an Asian fantasy world in the grand ballroom at a fundraiser for the National Jewish Hospital. Understated, yes?
Miss Understood Madalein Ashton Iggy
Cathy Valdez Epiphany Perfidia

Epiphany and Cathy Valdez!

and Perfidia!