Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pretend Paris bares all for Playboy!

Screaming Queens' Paris Hilton Impersonator Natalie Reid made headlines during fashion week when she was mistaken for Paris in Bryant Park. Tongues are wagging once again over her six page spread in the September issue of Playboy which is due to hit the stands on August 8th.

Natalie's an actress and a model who is just lucky enough to be born looking like Paris Hilton. Columnists and bloggers often portray her as an obsessed fan who spends all of her time passing as Paris to accumulate freebies. While she has often been given VIP treatment for her resemblance to Hilton, she generally appears at events that she's hired for. Guests generally spend some time wondering if she's really Paris. Once word is spread that she's a professional celebrity impersonator they generally want to meet her and pose for a photo. It's all in fun, believe me, she's no identity thief!
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